Privacy Policy

Your privacy is protected by us.

You must note that if any user offers any image or video or any other type of content for posting on the Convert Hub website, it becomes publishable content and no longer remains a personally identifiable one as per the terms of this privacy policy document

Cookies policy

Convert Hub (‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’) makes use of cookies on the website . By using our services, you are consenting to the terms and conditions associated with our cookie policy. Our Cookie policy will let you know what cookies are, how cookies are used, the options you have with regard to using the cookies, how our third parties use the cookies associated with our services and the like.

Cookies are small-sized files sent from a particular website ( in this case), picked by your web browser and saved on your computer. These cookies are sent to you when you are browsing our website. These cookies are aimed at recognizing you the next time you visit us and at making your future visit easier and service more effective. The other purposes for which we send you cookies include providing you analytics, recording your choices/preferences, allowing delivery of advertisements, allowing you to access specific functions of the services offered.

In order to run our service, we use both persistent and session cookies. We also use essential cookies to verify users and stop fraudulent usage of a user’s account with us.

We even use third party cookies to report stats of usage of services and deliver Ads via services.

User log policy

When you log into our servers will record certain info that your browser sends every time you visit a site. The info our servers record may include info like your IP Address, web request, browser language & type, exit pages, landing pages, domain names, page URLs, number of clicks made, the pages viewed, time span of your stay in the different pages, time & date of your page visit and special browser-identifying cookies information.

How do we retain and use your information

We retain certain information offered to us by our members for an indefinite time span and we do so to maintain our website databases’ integrity. When you are offering us the information, we’ll take it as your consent for such retention of information by us indefinitely.

Any personally identifiable information that you offer us is used by us to run, maintain and provide you access to the various features associated with our website.

If you voluntarily supply any video content or personal info online (in messages, chat rooms, on public profile platforms, on forums etc) your information becomes available publicly and may be viewed, gathered or used by anyone. When you send messages via or upload videos to, your account name becomes visible to our other users and they can get in touch with you through comments or messages. The videos you upload to our site may undergo online redistribution through various media channels or the internet in general and may be viewed publicly.

Your email id or name or any other such personally identifiable information is never used by us while sending marketing or commercial messages to third parties without you consenting to it or except as a inclusive feature of a particular program for which you would be provided with choices like ‘Opt-in’ or ‘Opt-out’. However, we may not ask for your further consent while using your email id for administrative or non-marketing purposes.

When do we disclose your information?

We may have to share both personally-identifiable and non-personally-identifiable info of our users with our affiliated companies, our subsidiaries or with other persons/businesses if they are to process such info on our behalf. However, we make sure that all these parties with whom we share your info undertake processing of info in total compliance with the terms and conditions listed in our privacy policy statement. We try our best to adopt security and confidentiality measures pertaining to their use of your information.

We do not disclose your personally-identifiable info like email id’s or name to third parties in case they need such info for marketing or commercial use and even if we do so we make sure to get your consent in this regard. However, please note that we may share such info with third parties provided it’s the need of a specific feature or program but such sharing will give you opt-in and opt-out choices.

We may have to disclose your personally identifiable/ non-identifiable info if we are compelled by law and order of the state to do so or when we are obligated to respond to search warrants, subpoena or court orders.

Also, we have the right to reveal your personally identifiable/ non-identifiable info in case it is needed for the enforcement of our Terms of Use, for safeguarding the integrity or security of our website, for assisting the government enforcement agencies, for safeguarding the property/personal safety/rights of and that of our users, for taking necessary precautions against various liabilities, for defending ourselves against any third party allegations or claims.

Changes/Updates made to this policy

You must take note of the periodical changes made to this privacy policy to keep yourself updated. If you continue to use our service post the changes, it will be taken as your consent to the new policy and any future revisions made.