Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to clarify your doubts. Call us if you still have any other question.

How many video files can I convert simultaneously?

You can convert a maximum of two videos simultaneously using the Convert Hub converter. If you wish for multiple video conversions at a time, you need to call us

Why does my search take so long to respond?

Check your internet connection. If you have a slow or weak internet connection, searches will take time to respond. Also, make sure that the search query you have entered has correct spellings. Refreshing the page helps sometimes

What if my download shows an error or doesn’t start at all?

If your download shows an error or doesn’t start at all, you need to contact us. Our developers will resolve your issue. Before resolving your issue, our developers may ask you certain questions like ‘What browser you are using’, ‘What is your browser version’, ‘What device you are using’, ‘What is your search question’, ‘What is the clicked result you received’ etc. So, you need to provide all this information to our developer.

How to save a video’s soundtrack?

Our converter can extract your video’s soundtrack and make it downloadable. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video and paste the same into the entry or input section of Convert Hub’s homepage. Immediately our converter will extract the soundtrack of the video and convert it into a downloadable audio format for you.

How much secured are the ‘downloads’?

The ‘downloads’ are secured. Guarding your privacy is our first and foremost duty. A VPN encryption allows you to enjoy secured downloads. Through VPN Servers you can keep your IP address hidden from view. That protects you from unwanted attackers.

Can I use my iPad/iPhone to download MP3 files?

No, you cannot. All you can do is downloading and saving the file to the dropbox. Once you have done so you can then stream the file from there. To save the file to the dropbox, first tap the button reading ‘Save to Cloud’, select ‘Dropbox’ and then stick to the guidelines provided.

Is this a free service?

Yes, it is free. We don’t charge you anything for using our converter. But, we would be glad if you only recommend us to your acquaintances.